*Our Specially Designed Sweaters

Johan, how come you design your own sweaters?

We've been wanting to create something classical for a while. We love knit wear and wanted to come up with a sweater that can be worn by women and men alike, with a clear conscience and for years to come.

How do you make sure of that?

With contemporary design and high-quality materials. Our sweaters, just like our other knit products, are comfortable and look good for a long time. Our costumers should look forward to taking them out of the closet to defy the cold weather now and in the future. We achieve this with patterns that don't go out of style and materials that are long lasting.

What are there materials?

Merino wool from New Zealand that is turned into thread in Bregenz only using sustainable methods. Twisting then takes place in our knitting mill in Huttwil in the canton of Bern.

Are they also being knitted there?

Indeed, on classic knitting machines, collar and rims are manufactured at one of the last places of its kind in the canton of Ticino. Sewing them together happens also in Huttwil. The sweaters are also pre-washed there, an important step, so they don't shrink as much when being washed at home for the first time.


October 09, 2014 by Jeremy Gloor
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