*A new basic for Soeder*

Karl Westbom, co-owner of Soeder*, about the new sweatshirt:

«As a new basic we've designed a sweatshirt because it's a component of many wardrobes, for men just as much as for women. It's a versatile garment that can be worn casually with denim and more elegantly over a shirt and under a sports jacket. It's a timeless element and made from fine fabric can be long lasting.

We've re-interpreted it in a soft way. Our sweatshirt has seam pockets on the sides which elevate the model from others available on the market today. The pockets are placed very discreetly and are barely noticeable. For the coller as well as the seams, we've used the same sweatshirt fabric and didn't incorporate an elastic band. We think that it looks much more appealing. The fabric itself has been created ecologically and is made from knitted tricot. It has a unbrushed backside which makes for more stability. The fabric stays strong much longer and doesn't lose its form after being washed only a few times.

We designed a sweatshirt for everybody, a universal garment that can be included in every style of dressing, which ever it may be. Our costumers shall wear it all year long, in spring and summer as the top layer and in fall and winter time as an under garment.»

Unisex Basic Sweatshirt grau*
CHF 79.00

May 25, 2015 by Jeremy Gloor
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