*Consider this

The more you wear and tear your Raw Indigo Selvage Denim before washing it for the first time, the more distinctive its look will become.
If you want the color to fade evenly, wash it as regularly as other clothing.

If you hand wash, put some detergent in your bathtub and lay the jeans at leaving them for 45 to 60 minutes. Then rinse out the soap and wring out the water. If you machine wash, turn the jeans inside out first.

Don’t use the tumbler; always hang your denim to dry.

Remember: Always wash it separately using detergent for dark colors. And the higher the temperature, the more shrinkage and color fade you will get.

Take good care of it and your Raw Indigo Selvage Denim will be a reliable companion to you.
June 14, 2015 by Jeremy Gloor
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