*Something’s Brewing

Johan, Managing Director at Soeder*, about our new Pale Ale:

«When we are in good company having inspiring conversations we want to hold something equally as inspired in our hands. We want it to refresh us, too. That’s why we collaborate with a small brewery in Rapperswil on our new Pale Ale. A revitalizing beer that’s just pure joy to drink during warm weather. It’s made with great care from finest ingredients and tastes more complex than a lager but lighter than an Indian Pale. We enjoy collaborating with the small brewery and think it’s a sensible thing to do since beer is a bulk product and its transportation from far away is not timely nor sensible. We’re glad that general supply of locally brewed beer shows not only good quality but is also gaining bigger momentum. The Pale Ale from Rapperswil is now available at our stores and online.»

Beer PA*
CHF. 6.00

July 28, 2015 by Jeremy Gloor
Tags: Beer Soeder*
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