How we create products at Soeder*

We want to present an original array of products for your every day life and therefore manufacture a lot of them ourselves. Hanna, Johan, Kalle and Scarlet are our creative core. Once a week the four of us hold a meeting and talk about all of our ideas. Input for them can come from many sources, like suggestions from our costumers, our own needs or observations on the street. We have lots of ideas and the list of the things we still want to produce is seemingly endless. So we have to set priorities and get to the drawing board.
All four of us help creating every product, although each of us is an expert in his or her own field. Kalle was working in the fashion industry before joining Soeder* and now designs most of our garments, Scarlet is an industrial designer and creates our 3D-objects that feature specific technical qualities. Hanna works in architecture and design and creates our furniture. It’s very important to us to find the best production partners for every kind of product. Johan is mainly responsible for that and searches for the right manufacturers and sources the preferred materials we want to use.
The duration of the development process is different depending for instance on whether we know what material we want to use. As soon as we’ve decided on that, prototypes are being made. Usually, the same producers as the final products manufacture them. Prototypes are crucial and sometimes we change things because of deficiencies we detect on them. Are they satisfactory, we order the first batch and can’t wait to have them in our stores!

November 16, 2015 by Jeremy Gloor
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