Latest goods: All-Weather and Felted Wool Jackets

Smart, simple and functional design, easy to handle and made of long-lasting materials. These are the characteristics we bear in mind whenever we create new products. In that sense our latest line of goods is a fine assortment of unisex all-weather and felted wool jackets and coats, all of them made in Portugal.

The felted wool jackets and coats are available in four colors and made of 100% English and Portuguese wool. They are being manufactured - woven, dyed and sewn - according to our designs in Portugal. The wool we use is easy to take care of and the versatile jackets and coats are wearable in many different weathers, also in combination with our new all-weather jackets and coats. The unisex styles are available in regular and slim fit size.

Our all-weather jackets and coats are made of 100% eco-cotton. The yarn is being spun in Winterthur ZH, woven to fabric in Ziegelbrücke LU and finished in Zofingen AG. The extra long staple fiber yarns used in the process are never treated with chemicals and therefore sport a very soft and warming weaving. The fabric is water repellent whereas the impregnation is free from Fluorocarbons. All EtaProof® models are made in Portugal, available in four colors and can be used as an outer shell in combination with our felted wool jackets and coats.

January 31, 2016 by Jeremy Gloor
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