Soeder* x Swiss – all natural at new heights

We have a take-off! Last week we have produced and dispatched our first delivery for SWISS inthe Soeder* soap factory. That makes us the proud provider of the airlines first all natural careline.

The products, which will be available to all SWISS Business passengers on long-haul flightsexclusively, include a lotion scented with herbs from the alps, a refreshing face spray and a lightfacial serum. All the products are made of only natural ingredients, as one would expect fromSoeder*.

These products, exclusively formulated for SWISS, are specifically designed to treat the skin inthe dry air of aircraft cabins. They follow the all natural standards by which we at Soeder* workand produce. Which means that all products are naturally conserved, free from silicones, micro-plastics, sulfates and synthetic scents.

The rich and all natural lotion is easy to distribute, diminishes quickly into the skin and can beused for hands, body and feet. The exclusive mix consist out of olive based Squalene,Sheabutter, Almond oil, Coconut oil and various herbal extracts that treat the passengers skinand leaves it soft, nourished and protected. 

For the sensitive face-skin we’ve developed a very light natural serum to bring it back to life aftera long-haul flight. Extracts of honey, natural stem-cells from raspberries, olive based Squaleneand various herbal extracts provide a moisturizing, cooling, refreshing and relaxing anti agingeffect. The serum diminishes very quickly and leaves the skin with a soft and non-greasy touch.

To complete the Soeder* natural care portfolio for SWISS, we have come up with a refreshingface spray that provides a great wake-up call after a long flight or a nap. The formulation includeshoney extracts and vivifying essential oils that have a refreshing, cooling, awakening andmoisturizing effect.

The scents of all the products are made only out of natural etheric oils. The tailor-made scent forSWISS should subtly remind the passengers of the Swiss alps and its herbal flora.

To be able to fulfill the production for SWISS and to be prepared for future high volume orderswe have done some major improvements to the Soeder* Soap factory infrastructure. We haveexpanded the factory by another 200m2 to make space for a larger production area and toextended our storage capabilities. A new automated filling-line, bigger mixing tanks that stir upto one ton per batch, a tube filling- and a packaging-machine have been added to ourproduction machine park.

Even though we don’t fill every bottle manually and the cartons are not folded by handanymore, we still put a lot of hand and heart into each product, and we test all of them verycarefully before sending them out into the world. Our team has not been reduced by the addingof the machines but rather has grown and we are still very happy to feel the good vibes and theloud music in the vibrant factory space.

We are very humbled and immensely thankful for the massive support we receive for our localproduction of all natural cosmetics. The constantly growing client base and the various feedbackswe are receiving are encouraging us to further walk on that path and that we are on the righttrack. A sustainable future is not only based on natural ingredients and a harmless and fairproduction. To do all of this locally in Zurich, to create local jobs and therefore strengthening thelocal economy is of equal importance to us. 

May 29, 2018 by Manu Meyer
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Jean-Charles Lacoste

Jean-Charles Lacoste said:

Hello – can we buy the spray? It’s amazing! Thanks, Jean-Charles.

Manu /

Manu / said:

Hi Jean-Charles. Thanks for your feedback! We are super happy you like the spray!

The Face Spray we developed for SWISS is not for sale (yet). But come by our store in ZH or BS – or make a note with your next weborder and if we have a spare one, we will happily give one to you for free. If you have any further questions, please send an email to Thanks!

Happy evening,

Lynneve Berkowitz

Lynneve Berkowitz said:

I recently flew from Zurich to Newark and used your facial spray and herbal lotion and it was awesome. My skin loved it! Is it available to purchase online to the public or through Swiss Air directly? Please let me know.
Many thanks,
Lynneve B.

Manu /

Manu / said:

Hi Lynneve Berkowitz, thanks for getting in contact! Great to hear you liked our products. As for now, the face spray and the herbal lotion are not for sale – but you could try our lotion “lavender field” which is a slightly different scent. I’d also suggest to sign up for our newsletter and/or follow us on social media to not miss the updates. Hope this helps? If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email to Thank you! Manu

Maxime Woeffray

Maxime Woeffray said:

I discovered your product during my flight with Swiss to Tokyo back in March. The face spray is AMAZING. So refreshing especially during long flights. I kept using it and felt very fresh. The smell is great too, same as the hand cream. Great job, I hope to be able to buy it soon. Max

Karly Shereck

Karly Shereck said:

The facial spray you have on your flights is amazing. Please consider selling it online!


Diana said:

Recently flew Swiss from Zurich to Singapore. Just love your Face Cream. Please let me know when it becomes available for the public to buy.


Corina said:

Hi Diana, thanks for getting in contact! Great to hear you like our Face Cream. Good news for you: It is available in our stores and online. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email to Thank you! Corina


Andrea said:

Auf meinem letzten Flug mit Swiss von NY nach Genf konnte ich das fantastische Facial Spray ausprobieren: Génial!! Wo kann ich dieses kaufen?

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