*Consider this

The more you wear and tear your Raw Indigo Selvage Denim before washing it for the first time, the more distinctive its look will become.
If you want the color to fade evenly, wash it as regularly as other clothing. ..
June 14, 2015 by Jeremy Gloor

*We like it raw - Raw Indigo Selvage Denim by Soeder*

Luzi de Beaufort, co-owner of Soeder* and expert in fabrics and cutting techniques, talks about the new Raw Indigo Selvage Denim:

«As with all the products for Soeder*, we wanted to create a contemporary basic model when it came to designing our jeans. It was important to us that every detail remained simple so the pants would impress as a whole and not because of a specific feature... »

April 08, 2015 by Jeremy Gloor