*Ausverkauf von Ausstellungsstücken

Wir bieten einen Teil der Lampen, Tische und Regale, die wir in unseren Läden ausgestellt haben, mit bis zu 50% Rabatt im Shop an der Ankerstrasse zum Verkauf an.

June 06, 2016 by Jeremy Gloor

*on solid steps

It's important for us that our products tell a story. From the way their made and from the daily lives with their new owners.

In that matter, our sneakers tell the story of craftsmanship. Made in Tuscany, Italy produced with a mix out of traditional and innovative techniques. 

*Soaping Up from Head to Toe

Our skin deserves only the best cleansing and caring products. That’s why Soeder* takes matters in its own hands: On Bucheggplatz in Zurich’s district 6 the creative collective behind the Swiss brand installed a fully functioning soap factory. It marks the first time in decades that there’s a specialized manufacturing facility where high-end soaps are being produced within the city of Zurich. They are hand-crafted only from organic ingredients and available in several different fragrances.

March 20, 2016 by Jeremy Gloor