CHF 57.00

Brand Soeder* CARE

  • organic all-natural ingredients of the highest quality
  • caring and nurturing
  • for normal and dry skin
  • organic essential oils stimulate the skin
  • squalan, sheabutter, almond oil and coconut oil protect and nourish the skin
  • natural preservatives
  • sulfate free
  • manufactured in Zurich, Switzerland

At 5 CHF off regular price, you can refill your bottle at our Soeder Stores in Zurich and Basel. Some of our partners also offer this service for you. Please wash the glass bottle thoroughly with hot water (at least 80°) and make sure that there is no residue left, especially for natural lotion bottles.

We also offer pricing by the milliliter. We can fill your travel sets or other containers in addition to Soeder bottles.

Haven't yet found your nearest refill location? Just send us an e-mail with your address and the desired product to We will be happy to find the best location for you. Please note that not all of our partners offer the full range of products. We are currently hard at work on an interactive map that will show you the nearest refill location including selection of available products. More information coming soon.

Side note: if you're searching for the «herbal lotion» we developed for SWISS, you might want to give our natural lotion with lavender scent a go.