natural soap*

CHF 22.00

Brand Soeder*

*Available in 250ml and 500ml glass bottles
*Available Scents: herbal garden, grass roots, black pine and grapefruit
*Mild and caring soap for hands and body wash
*No preservatives
*Sulfate free
*Organic all-natural ingredients of the highest quality
*Manufactured in Zurich, Switzerland

You can refill your bottle at a refill price (250ml CHF 17, 500ml CHF 34) at our stores in Zurich and Basel and other partner stores. 

ZÜRICH: Slow Goods / Foifi / Kitchener Plus / Qwstion Invite

BASEL: Basel unverpackt / Ahoi Ahoi mini

BERN: Kitchener Plus / Palette

BADEN: Villa Paul

AARAU: Rolling Rock

BIEL: Alabama