Dustpan and hand-brush*

CHF. 45.00

Brand Iris Hantverk

*hand-brush of oiled birch wood and horse hair *dustpan of plastic *handmade in a Swedish Center for the blind


CHF. 25.00

Brand Iris Hantverk

*made of beech wood and goat hair *3 oz. *length: 12", width: 1.2", height: 2.8" *produced in Sweden

Bag holder*

CHF. 55.00

Brand Everyday Design

*lacquered steel, 30% recycled *12.6" x 9.8" x 21.7" *42 oz. *produced in Finland

Bottle brush*

CHF. 15.00

Brand Redecker

*15,3 inces, ⌀ 2inces *horsehair brush *made in Germany

Dish brush birch wood*

CHF. 23.00

Brand Iris Hantverk

*length 11.4" *waxed birch wood *horsehair brush *made in Sweden

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Toilet paper holder*

CHF. 70.00

Brand Iris Hantverk

*suitable for toilet and kitchen tissues *oiled birch wood *cement pedestal *produced in a Swedish center for the blind

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Toilet brush birch*

CHF. 29.00

Brand Iris Hantverk

*brush handle of oiled birch wood *grey cement bowl *produced in a Swedish center for the blind

Shoe cleaning kit*

CHF. 55.00

Brand Redecker

*6 brushes & 1 shoehorn *comes in a metal can, size: 6.5" x 8.9" x 2.8" *produced in Germany


Clothes hanger (5 pcs)*

CHF. 40.00

Brand Soeder*

*0.2 " steel wire *copper coated *made in Germany

Metal cleaning agents*

CHF. 14.00

Brand Soeder*

*for copper, brass and aluminium *2.2 oz. *produced in Germany

Light bulb*

CHF. 5.00

Brand Rigi Licht

*decorative light bulb *60 watt *made in Immensee, Switzerland